Episode 33 – How you can make money watching funny cat videos

How you can make money watching Funny Cat Videos!

There are more than two million cat videos on YouTube. People have watched these videos more than 25 billion times, which equates to an average of 12,000 views per cat video.  Hours are spent on YouTube with mind numbing activities like this. We’ve come to a point where we are constantly distracted.


Maybe it is because we aren’t happy with our job, it doesn’t satisfy us or challenge us any more or pay us what we’re worth. Maybe its because we don’t feel appreciated at work. Maybe it is because the average American now has about $38,000 of personal debt excluding our mortgages and we just don’t want to think about it. Maybe our health or the health of a loved one has us worried so we want a distraction. Maybe it is information overload.

Our brains are inherently wired to avoid pain and maximize pleasure so that’s probably why those darn videos are so addicting.

The problem is that most of us just don’t realize the true cost of distractions. They use up what is actually a limited supply of attention that we have each day, and make us far less effective, costing us time and money.

The law of substitution says that we can’t think of two things at the same time. We can’t think of the negative things that bother us in our daily lives at the same time as we’re thinking of positive things. We let these distractions in so we don’t have to think about those difficulties that worry us the most and that is costing us money.

Anytime a negative thought enters our mind we immediately try to push it aside and that’s why those darn funny cat videos are so popular.

Instead of feeding our mind with these mind numbing online distractions why not use the power of our mind to get us out of the painful situations that we are in and maybe, just maybe that time spent watching funny cat videos can be turned into profitable positive action.

Instead of wasting time becoming distracted by funny cat videos so we don’t have to face our fears, what if instead using that same law of substitution, take the time to feed our mind.

Zig Ziglar once said, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

Guard yourself from that trash TV or that online content, the binge watching that just distracts you from everything that you want to accomplish. Use that law of substitution to get the negative out. Associate with positive people, positive activities that feed your mind. Guard your mind from trash reading, and trash, mind numbing video watching. Instead feed your mind positive uplifting audio and video that’s gonna inspire you, and educate you and help you reach your goals.

You can fill your entire year with funny cat videos and they may make you feel good but that’s not gonna take you where you want to go. Spend more time with positive quality people and educational activities. Make that your determination. Make that your intention. Make it your objective. Make that your goal. Commit to it and do it. Forget resolutions, do it. Get busy with the positive and make no time for the negative.

The late Jim Rohn always says, “Remember, the same wind blows on all of us. It’s the set of your sail that determines your course so set your sail for success today by learning the skills of success.” I set my sails on personal development and it is something that I have been doing for years.  I’m always taking courses or reading books to further various skills and I encourage you to as well.
One of my mentors, Matt Morris said several years ago, “Personal stagnation is the cause of decay and failure in most people’s lives.” Spending so much time on those funny cat videos is a sign of personal stagnation.

I don’t have time for those videos right now. Right now I am taking an intense 14 day video marketing education program to learn how to use video in my social media markting. I’ve taken this course before and each time I have gone through the program I’ve learned new nuggets of information to help me get better.

How you can make money watching Funny Cat Videos? Listen, your not going to make money watching funny cat videos but maybe if you take the time you spend on these types of mind numbing activities and do as Zig says and become determined to learn, then no one will be able to stop you.

They aren’t going to be able to stop me.

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