Episode 29 – 10 Tips to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

10 Tips to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

I’m no stranger to feeling stuck in life.
When I wanted to start my own company, to share my knowledge about health, wellness and nutrition, it wasn’t as easy as I’d thought it would be. I investigated over 30 different companies to become affiliated with. I actually joined 14 different companies and failed 13 times before I finally succeeded. 
Launching a new business is not easy. A lot of things keep us from making the leap—things like fear and insecurity. And one thing above all the rest: motivation.
When I looked back on my days when I quit my career in financial services, with a wife and child in toll, going back to college, to pharmacy school, I understood what was different. I remembered what made me push myself even when I didn’t want to. The difference was, as a student, I had structured days and professors to report to. Structure keeps us focused, and accountability keeps pushing and challenging us.
Thankfully I made it through that challenging time and as a pharmacist I was able to provide my family with a good life. When I decided to make a leap again and to start my own home based business, I decided to collect the lessons I’ve learned along the way and to share them with others, like you, striving to better themselves.
So, here are 10 tips for achieving anything you want in life.

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