Episode 19 – When You Aim High, You Set Yourself Up to Fail and it is Worth It

I’m guessing that if you’re listening to a podcast called ProsperityRx, then you probably want to achieve more in life, like me.

You try hard.

You aim high.

When aiming high, the part that I wasn’t prepared for was gravity.

When you aim high you also set yourself up to fall far.

Despite the feelings sometime that the rich get richer and the little guy doesn’t have a chance.

It’s not easy. Aiming high is not a guarantee. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you hoped. But I’ve come to the conclusion that aiming high is part of what makes something great possible.
It’s that possibility that keeps me aiming.

Because I’ve come to realize that the only real answer to the question, “Am I aiming too high?” is this: “There’s only one way to find out.” To aim high and try. To experiment, test, climb, fall, learn and try again. That maybe aiming high isn’t about an external outcome at all, but about aiming for something higher in you.

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