Weight Management, Why Do Diets Fail, and How to Have Success.

Weight Management, Why Do Diets Fail, and How to Have Success.

Hello, I’m Keith Abell. I’m a pharmacist, wellness consultant, and Senior Executive Marketing Director with Youngevity Essential Life Sciences. I have been a pharmacist now since 1995 and I have worked in many practice settings in my career. In all those practice settings I have seen one common thread, we are very good at managing diseases, however, other than infectious diseases we don’t do a very good job at getting people healthier. I became a pharmacist because I wanted to help people get better and overcome their medical conditions. Since this was not happening, about 10 years ago I began looking at other approaches to wellness and I discovered that there are other ways, ways that the big pharmaceutical companies hope we never discover.

You see the human body was divinely designed, when given the proper building blocks, all 90 essential nutrients, it will heal and repair itself. Think about it, when you cut your hand you don’t have to tell the body what to do, it already knows how to repair the cut. When you fracture a bone there’s no magic drug to heal it. The doctor supports the bone to prevent further damage and your body heals itself. When given all 90 of the essential nutrients the body needs at doses according to your body weight, you give your body all it needs to support and promote the body’s ability to repair itself. I call these essential nutrients 90 for life because we need them all our life to a have a lifetime of disease free living.

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During my wellness research I met Dr. Joel Wallach, a pioneer in the science of nutrition and supplementation. Dr. Wallach is a Veterinarian, Pathologist and Naturopathic Physician. Through his research in Veterinarian Medicine he discovered that over 900 diseases in animals can be prevented or cured through proper supplementation. The veterinary nutrition industry also discovered, that by manipulating the amount of nutrition added to or eliminated from the feed, they can cause the animals to gain weight more rapidly. Fattening them up quicker so they can be sold to the slaughter houses sooner.

It was this same research that led Dr. Wallach to find the key to proper weight management. The missing link that most weight loss programs completely overlook. Supplementing with all 90 known essential nutrients. Not a one size fits all formula, but based on the individuals body weight, just like they do in the veterinary nutrition industry.

Combining this information with Dr. Wallach’s ASAP, As Slim As Possible weight loss drops, we now have a safe, quick, effective, and permanent weight management program.

I have compiled all this information and I have posted the information in this video, an e-book version is coming soon. This is going to be an interesting look at weight management, why diets fail, and what to do to overcome the failures in order to have success in managing ones weight. I purposely used the words “weight management” because the primary goal is not just to lose weight but also to keep it off.

Throughout this video we will explore what has led us to become one of the most obese peoples in recorded history. We will look into some of the different diet programs out there and discuss why aspects of the diets may or may not work. Finally we will look at what needs to be done so people will not only have success with weight loss; but also how to keep the weight off once it is lost.

I hope you enjoy the video. For more information complete the contact form on this page.

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