Toxins in Personal Care Products

What I am about to share with you is going to shock you and your entire family. You’re probably going to want to watch this video over and over again and you will want to share this with everyone you know. When I am done you are going to want to check the products in your home for the ingredients we’re going to talk about. For the sake of your children, grandchildren, your entire family, and your friends I urge you to watch this video in its entirety and to share it with others.

Ask yourself this: Why are there so many cancers that exist today? Breast, brain, colon, liver and prostate. Why are birth defects, kidney disease, and brain disease running rampant in our country? Childhood diseases like ADHD, ADD and others are at record levels. And in the last ten years autism and Down syndrome are up eight hundred percent. Immune toxicity such as Asthma, allergies and sinus problems are topping the charts. Our immune systems are breaking down.

Would you knowingly put your family in harm’s way by using products such as shampoos, soaps, personal care products and cleansers that cause liver cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, heart palpitations, vomiting, sterility, miscarriages and a myriad of other nightmare health problems? Of course not. But the fact of the matter is that most common everyday household items, including personal care items, detergent and makeup, to name just a few contain a toxic horror chamber of acids, alcohols, poisons and preservatives.

Let’s start with one example, formaldehyde. Most of us know formaldehyde is used as a preservative in mortuaries and medical laboratories. But did you know that the National Cancer Institute says that formaldehyde is also used to produce many household products? In fact formaldehyde is often used as a preservative with no discussion of the potentially dangerous and destructive effects on the human body. Imagine that you could be using something in your house or on your child’s body that contains the chemical normally used in the embalming process.

Here’s another example. Chemicals that end in the letters “AMINE.” These chemicals are often used in lubricants, paints and cleaners. The most common are di-ethanolamine (DEA) mono-ethanolamine and tri-ethanolamine. Along with being used in corrosive products DEA related ingredients are frequently used in cosmetics.

These caustic confections are easily absorbed through skin and accumulate in body organs, even the brain. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the National Toxicology Program and the EPA an association was found between the topical application of certain DEA related ingredients and cancer. The FDA even advises consumers who want to avoid cosmetics containing DEA related ingredients to be sure to review the ingredient statement on cosmetics labels.

Color pigments and fragrances are two other horribly unhealthy products that most people don’t realize are found in literally thousands of items. For example fragrances can indicate the presence of thousands a separate ingredients including many that are toxic or carcinogenic. Most of us use these products every single day in the enclosed environments of our homes which are supposed to be safe, secure sanctuaries for our children and loved ones. If that’s not enough to frighten you consider this. Parabens and phenoxyethanols in spa products and personal care products have been found in breast cancer tumors. In fact Parabens and phenoxyethanol’s are hormone disruptors and may cause damage to liver and kidneys, birth defects, decrease sperm counts, and early puberty. If you haven’t cleaned out your shelves and your cupboards yet there’s something else you need to think about. Butylene-glycol and ethylene-glycol are colorless liquids used in antifreeze and in brake fluid.

So far so good, but here’s what they don’t want you to know. Propylene-glycol, often called PEG resembles ethylene-glycol in its physical properties and PEG is used extensively in foods, cosmetics, personal care, baby care and oral hygiene products. It’s a skin irritant that can cause liver abnormalities, kidney damage and is directly related to cancer.

Would you knowingly put Drano in your mouth? Of course not. It’s sodium hydroxide a key component to drain cleaners and is found in most toothpaste. And triclosan, which is included in numerous types of soaps, detergents, cosmetics, toothpaste and other personal care products.

Guess what? The EPA registers it as a pesticide.

There’s more. According to the nonprofit organization, Environmental Working Group or EWG more than 500 products sold in the US contain ingredients that are banned in cosmetics in Japan, Canada and the European Union. What’s more, nearly 100 products contain ingredients considered unsafe by the International fragrance Association.

Additional EWG research shows that 22% of all personal care products may be contaminated with the cancer-causing impurity 1,4-dioxane including many children’s products. Indeed sixty percent of sunscreens contain the potential hormone disruptor oxybenzone that readily penetrates the skin and contaminates the bodies of 97% of Americans including our children.

Of course we’d all like to believe that products made for children or bearing claims like hypo-allergenic are safer choices but unfortunately it’s just not true. Most cosmetic marketing claims are unregulated and companies are rarely if ever required to back them up. Even for children’s products. The company can use the claim like hypo-allergenic or natural but there’s no definition for these terms so they mean absolutely nothing except to try to trick people into thinking the products are safe. As a matter of fact an investigation of more than 1700 children’s body care products found that 81% of those mark gentle are hypo-allergenic contain allergens or skin and eye irritants.

This is a nightmare of epic proportions but what’s to be done?

Thankfully there’s a solution to this frightening cornucopia of malignant ingredients and products. There is a company that has created a line of products that are not just organic but also one hundred percent certified toxic-free. A company that has come to the rescue of safety conscious consumers concerned for the health and well-being of their loved ones. A company that since 1999 has been promoting vibrant health and flourishing personal economics with scientifically backed and clinically proven products for optimal well-being. Naturally that company is Youngevity

Since 1991 experts at Youngevity have been formulating products with your health in mind. From their 90 for life healthy body program, to their mineral makeup. Now Youngevity has 100% Certified ToxicFree®, Organic and Wild-crafted botanicals in their Beyond Organic anti-aging skin care and body care products. Pure ingredients equal pure results.

Only functional botanicals and the purest organic and wild-crafted ingredients are used in Youngevity’s Beyond Organics formulations. Thanks to such amazing products that will change families lives forever the global community is starting to pay attention. In fact Youngevity’s mineral make up and other products have been featured numerous times at events like the Grammys, the MTV Music Awards, The Oscars and many more red carpet events.

What if you can make a living through giving?

Imagine if you could reach out in kindness every day to others showing them how to improve their health and well-being and be able to make a living doing it. What if that living could provide you with a lifestyle of financial freedom for you and your entire family while improving their health and vitality?

Well now you have the opportunity to be involved in offering these and hundreds more remarkable products to consumers while making a healthy income.

We invite you to join us for the economic ride of your life. Together we can impact every family around the globe with our 90 for life movement and our catalog of hundreds of the finest products. Imagine how your lifestyle will change since you can receive an income from every single one of them. The income generated from this movement will be staggering. It is our intent to make the world a healthier place and make plenty of millionaires in the process.

How can we make that claim?

It’s easy.  Youngevity’s compensation plan is the talk of the industry because it is designed to provide quick start income for the associates that are just starting out as well as long-term residual income for the seasoned professional. This program coupled with the easiest to achieve car bonus, CEO coding bonuses, and stock options rewards puts Youngevity in a position to create huge income streams in rapid fashion. I invite you to become part of the Youngevity family. A family that represent long-term vision, stability, compassion, innovation and commitment to delivering health benefits and financial rewards to make your dreams a reality.

Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Wellness Consultant
Senior Executive Marketing Director
Youngevity Essential Life Sciences

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