Birth Defects

by Dr Joel Wallach, DVM ND 

Let’s talk about birth defects which we eliminated in the animal industry. We eliminated every birth defect you can name and ten times that many that you can’t name in the animal industry simply with what we call preconception nutrition. I’m not talking about prenatal vitamins with 12 vitamins and minerals in them. I’m talking about a complete program with over 255 nutrients including the 90 essential nutrients.

I actually sued the FDA in federal court to be able to say we can prevent neural tube defects by supplementation with folic acid. Before I sued them in federal court you could say “eating foods rich in folic acid could reduce the risk of neural tube defects” but you couldn’t say “supplementation with folic acid.” So I had to sue them in Federal Court and prevailed over the FDA on that subject. There were 7 other lawsuits as well in which I prevailed.

Here are some of the main birth defects.

How about Down syndrome

Regardless of what political party you belong to, Sara Palin, ex-governor of Alaska, a vice-presidential candidate of the United States of America gives birth to a baby with Down syndrome. Her OB-GYN should be put in jail for reckless endangerment because we have known the cause and prevention of Down syndrome for at least 50 to 60 years. It is very simply prevented with preconception, complete nutrition. I’m talking about not proteins and fats but all the known essential nutrients. You can look it up in the book Rare Earths Forbidden Cures written by me and my wife, Dr Ma Lan.

Rare Earths Forbidden Cures tells you how to prevent Down syndrome.

I even had one case with Evel Knievel’s niece in law. She was diagnosed with having an embryo at 2 1/2 months with Downs Syndrome. I gave her my protocol and the baby was born normal. That was only one case. It was interesting to contemplate what might have happened if we had treated all early stage of Down syndrome pregnancies with this protocol.

What about congenital deafness

We know that it is caused by a simple deficiency of manganese. If we give every woman manganese prior to conception there will never be another baby born deaf. It’s just that simple.

What about cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy?

Well cystic fibrosis, I was actually awarded in 2011 the Klaus Schwarz Commemorative Medal for research with trace minerals that benefit humanity. Actually the discovery was made and published in 1977. When I came out with it I showed that cystic fibrosis was not genetic as was though but it is a simple deficiency of the trace minerals early in pregnancy or right after pregnancy when the baby continues to nurse from the mother who is deficient in these trace minerals.

It is a very reversible thing, you can supplement with these trace minerals and the disease will reverse and it certainly is preventable 100%. And they fired me because everybody back then just knew it was genetic.
Well guess what? Who prevailed? 

They are all dead and I prevailed and got the award.

The main thing is the kids will benefit now because I am able to talk about this because of the weight of this award. This gives credibility to what I’ve been saying for 35 years.

As a result my wife and I went to China in 1990. In Keshan Province China we did 1,200 autopsies on kids under the age of 10 that died of cardio myopathy heart disease. Every scientist who studies trace minerals knows that Keshan disaese is caused by a selenium deficiency. There is little to no selenium in the soil in Keshan Province of China and a very high percentage of kids who are in subsistence farm families, families that grow their food, eat only the food grown on their land with no selenium in the soil have a very high rate of cardio myopathy heart disease .

If cardio myopathy heart disease is a known selenium deficiency disease and If I was correct that cystic fibrosis was being cause by a deficiency of selenium, then a lot of these kids that died of cardio myopathy heart disease would also have cystic fibrosis.
Guess what?

32% had cystic fibrosis. And by the way, 100% of these kids had Muscular Dystrophy.

We have been working with the Amish communities in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. For about 4 years in a very organized fashion. The first Muscular Dystrophy kid I cured was 22 years ago in Lancaster County Pa. Of course one case like that is interesting. If I was at Harvard Medical School it would be published all over the place, but not being from Harvard medical school they say well who knows about the diagnosis.

But now that we have hundreds, we are getting close to publishing and releasing this to the public. So don’t tell anyone you heard about this yet. So don’t tell anyone yet that we now understand the natural history; what leads up to the cause of muscular dystrophy. We know how to prevent it. And we know how to reverse it. And we have been doing this now for the last few years in communities all across the US but particularly across the Midwest where the local universities, the state universities that have agricultural departments did analysis of the soil. There is little to know selenium in the soil. These people are indigenous farmers. They live exactly on their place. They do not go to town to eat. They do not get groceries in town. They live off their gardens. And this is why they have such a high percentage of Muscular Dystrophy, Cardio myopathy heart disease and Cystic Fibrosis.

Watch for the story, don’t tell anybody. Just think about it. We now know how to prevent and cure Muscular dystrophy.

Dr Joel Wallach, DVM ND 

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