Is Youngevity The Next Herbalife?

Is Youngevity The Next Herbalife?

Youngvevity CEO Steve Wallach
Youngvevity CEO Steve Wallach

Could Youngevity be the next Herbalife?

Steve Wallach thinks so. He’s the CEO of Youngevity Essential Life Sciences, which develops and sells over 400 high quality health and wellness products through independent distributors who mainly work from home.

Youngevity’s most popular product is Beyond Tangy Tangerine, a citrus-flavored drink mix packed with all 16 essential vitamins, all 60 essential minerals and all 12 essential amino acids. It is by far the single best health and wellness product on the market today.

“It’s not just about length of life; it’s about quality of life,” Wallach said. “If there’s a silver lining to the poor economy, it’s that people seem to be taking better care of themselves.”

The 15-year-old company is growing rapidly. It had $40 million in sales last year (2011), nearly double the previous year’s sales. Its 58,000-square-foot headquarters and distribution center in Chula Vista ships out enough packages each day to fill a semi truck. Through a recent merger with a publicly traded company, Youngevity is on track to do $67 million in sales this year, Wallach said.

Steve Wallach’s goal is ambitious. He wants Youngevity to be among the top direct-sales companies in the world. This year, he expects the company to break the Top 100. Youngevity is truly on pace to become the next Herbalife.

“Herbalife is a big model for us,” he said, referring to the Los Angeles-based nutrition supplement company. Herbalife is the fifth largest direct-sales company in the world, with $2.7 billion in annual sales, according to Direct Selling News.

Both Herbalife and Youngevity use multilevel marketing, a business strategy that turns customers into a sales force. The products are sold through a network of distributors who earn additional income by referring these incredible Youngevity products to others.

It’s a win-win situaltion. People become healthier and wealthier at the same time!

The company’s products are based on the teachings of Steve’s father, Dr. Joel Wallach, a veterinarian and naturopathic physician who believes all diseases are rooted in dietary deficiencies.

Today, Dr. Wallach is on the company’s scientific advisory board, giving hundreds of talks a year. “My philosophy is if you supplement before you get sick you can add 25 to 50 healthy years to your life,” said Dr. Wallach.

My Partnership With Dr. Wallach

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