Whooo Hoooo! We Are In The Top 100 Again!

We made the top 100 again. This time they compiled the list of the top 101 counties in the USA with the highest average weight of females in the population. Jefferson County Ky. ranked 39! Whooo Hoooo!


Ok, ’nuff said. This is absolutely an unacceptable situation. We CAN do something about this. Go to my new website and watch the video I did. I compiled all my research on Weight Management, Why Diets Fail and How to have Permanent Success and put it into a 30 minute video. Also I am putting all together a Mastermind Group to tackle this problem. I have teamed up with Dr Stan Frager, author of “The Champion Within” and Dr Joel Wallach, author of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” to get this message out to the Kentuckianna region. Watch my video then contact me to find out how you can help (and get paid well for the effort).


Go to http://WhyDoDietsFail.com then contact me after at (502) 410-DIET


Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI


(502) 410-3438


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