Gen-Y's Not Lazy! They Just Need Real Goals With Real Rewards.

Hello, I wanted to address this blog post today to Generation Y.


Are you bored with the same old monotonous routine at work, day after day?


Does it upset you that the older folks think your generation is lazy?

Are you frustrated by the fact that you don’t see any REAL increase in salary for the foreseeable future?


Are you overwhelmed with student loan debt that you see no way out of?


Struggling to pay rent or worst yet are you tired of living with your parents?


Does saving for a car or even a home seem impossible?


Tired of working crazy hours with no social life and nothing to show for it?


I’m Keith Abell, a home based business entrepreneur. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, half of Gen-Y-ers have taken jobs they don’t want just to pay the bills and 1 out of 3 of you have delayed marriage or parenthood because of the economy.  The survey also found that more than 80% of Americans believe it’s harder for your generation to find jobs today than it was for us when we started out. Economic data actually backs up these beliefs. As you know, employment rates among your generation are at an all-time low with only 54% able to find employment, and those of you who are employed full-time have experienced a bigger drop in weekly earnings than any other age group.


It’s pretty clear that you guys are facing a lot of things that my generation didn’t face when starting out like high student loan debt and very low job placement rates among recent grads. That’s a devastating combination.


The reality is that it’s far bleaker for your generation than what we experienced. Costs for basics such as housing, insurance, or education have escalated exponentially and at the same time income growth for the middle class has slowed or even reversed. There’s also more disparity between the rich and the poor. By following the traditional route of going to school, getting a degree, and getting a job you’re going to have a harder time because the amounts of money you’ll have to come up with to even do as well as we did is going to be harder to achieve.


Even though a lot of older folks think your generation is lazy studies show that Gen-Y-ers are actually a highly motivated, goal oriented group. 81% of Gen-Y-ers surveyed said getting rich is your generations most important or second most important life goal. 51% also said the same thing about becoming famous and you can blame that in part on my generation because we raised you guys in the glow of our ever-present video cameras, capturing and bragging about your every accomplishment.


The other defining characteristic of your generation is optimism. While most young adults surveyed said they can’t currently afford the life they want, 9 out of 10 said they will earn enough to live the life of their dreams in the future.


Combine this motivation and optimism with the anything-is-possible attitude typical of your generation and experts say that even among Gen-Y-ers that grew up with lower economic means, there is optimism that fame and fortune can happen to anyone.


While the current state of the US economy has created a system that is stacked against you, your generation is willing to think outside the box. And that is exactly what I want to show you, I want to encourage you to think outside the box.


Let me ask you which is better, to get paid one time for something you do, so to get paid again you have to do it over and over again or is it better to get paid over and over again for something you did one time? Well in the traditional way of earning an income, the way most of your parents did it, the way you were taught in school, is to go out and get a job; To do the same thing over and over again, day after day. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. I don’t care if you are a sanitation worker, if you work in a factory, if you’re a teacher, nurse, or even if you are a highly paid attorney or doctor. If you want to continue to get paid you have to get up every day and do it over and over again, and the statistics show that type of monotony does not appeal to your generation.


Believe me, I’ve been a pharmacist now for almost 20 years and even thought the pay was great, it really gets monotonous counting pills, fighting with doctors and insurance companies, day after day. Financially it was a very rewarding career but if I wanted to get paid I had to show up to work every day. The job owned me instead of me owning the job.


Even if you work for yourself, the same thing applies. If you sale real estate, you have to make a sale or you don’t get paid; If you are a doctor in private practice you have to see patients or you don’t get paid. If you own a service business, you have to continue to provide your service or you don’t get paid.


I had a friend of mine whose dad was a dentist. She told me one time that they really lived well off his dental salary. They took nice vacations, had a nice home, all the things they wanted or needed around them. She said when she was much older and the family took a vacation to Disneyland she noticed how tense her dad was when they got back so she asked him about it. He shared with her something she never thought about when she was younger. She said she knew that vacations like Disneyland where expensive but her dad pointed out that not only did he have to consider the cost of the vacation; he also had to take into consideration the cost of not being in the office for two weeks. He said, “You see, being self employed, if I don’t work, no money is coming in and I don’t get paid.” Also if one of his patients had an emergency while he was away and had to go to another dentist, if for some reason the patient connected better with that dentist he also could lose the patient. So being self employed, there are a lot more costs to consider when taking time away from the job.


Back to the question, which is better, to get paid one time for something you do so to get paid again you have to do it over and over again or is it better to get paid over and over again for something you did one time? Let me give you a couple examples of doing something once and getting paid over and over. You see the famous people, people like movie stars, singers, professional athletes with endorsement deals, these people do things once, make a movie, cut a record, record a television commercial, and they get a residual check; they get  paid over and over again. They only did the movie once; they only recorded the CD once; they only stared in the television commercial once.


So let me ask the question one more time, which is better, to get paid one time for something you do so to get paid again you have to do it over and over again or is it better to get paid over and over again for something you did one time?  


Are you ready to think outside the box?


I want to show you a way that you can build your own business; a business that will create a residual income; a business that you own instead of it owning you, you control instead of the business controlling you. You control how much you want to work and how much you want to earn.


You know, 20 years ago someone showed me this business. At the time I was so entrenched in the traditional way, go to school, get a job, and build a retirement nest egg. I was so enculturated in that idea that I really didn’t take a close look at it and just brushed it off as a get rich quick scheme. I wish I had taken a closer look then because had I done so the residual income at this stage in my life would have been incredible. But instead I didn’t think outside the box. I went to school; got my degree; earned an incredible income but when the economy turned south I lost that j.o.b. and was forced by circumstances to think outside the box. My kids are a part of your generation and this is something I’m now teaching my kids to do.


I want to encourage you if you are ready to step outside the box and take control of your future. If you are ready to build the income you desire; if you are ready to have the time freedom to work when and where you want, and with whom you want; if you are ready to build that residual income then I want to show you a very simple system to do just that.


The first step is to visit my website, On that site after viewing a short message from me you will find 2 videos. One explains what rich people do with their money; the other explains this idea of residual compensation in more detail. After you watch the videos complete the contact form at the bottom of the page. This will then direct you an assessment tool to help you determine if you can be successful. Myself or one of my associates will contact you within a couple days to talk about your desires and goals and see if we can work together to get you where you want to be.


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