40th Anniversary, Boy How Fat Everybody's Gotten!

Today I spent the day with the family at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio. They are celebrating their 40th anniversary. I was there back in 1972 when they first opened.

While walking around I was watching the other people and noticed how unhealthy, especially how overweight the majority of the people are. Reflecting back to when I was a teen it was very rare to see obese people. I especially noticed how obese the teens today are.

People we are heading the wrong way with our health and we are doing it very quickly. Food is more abundant now than ever yet we are so nutritionally starved we are eating ourselves into an early grave. Moreover, the snack food industry knows that we are nutritionally starving and they design their products in a way that we devour larger and larger quantities trying to satisfy our nutritional needs.

Folks, you are going to eat yourself into an early grave!

Let me say that again for emphasis, Folks, you are going to eat yourself into an early grave!

Give your body all 90 essential nutrients. If you need to shed those extra pounds I can show you how to do it safely and permanently.

Contact me, let's talk about it.

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Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI!


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