Can The Middle Class be Saved?

Can The Middle Class be Saved?


I just saw that headline on the cover of “The Atlantic” magazine. I don’t remember which issue it was but it was from a 2011 issue.


It really made me stop and think. Things are really changing fast and it seems that the middle class is taking the brunt of the chaos in the economy. Jobs are vanishing at a record rate. Even as a pharmacist I am seeing major changes. Just 2 years ago there was a major shortage of pharmacists with the rapid rise of baby boomers starting to reach retirement age and rapid increases in medical needs there seemed to be no relief of the pharmacist shortage in sight. Just like other areas of employment In the blink of an eye however that has changed. Now when a vacancy comes up in the field there are dozens of eligible pharmacist from all over the country applying for the spot.


I know this same situation is occurring in all areas of middle class employment. The number of people losing their jobs seems to be outpacing the number of good, well paid jobs being created. Just as an example when the local automobile manufacturer announced that they were adding additional lines to their plant thousands of people applied for the spots.


Everything seems dire.


However the winds of change are blowing. More and more people are turning to home based businesses as the answer. A home based business offers flexibility never experienced by most “employees.”.


There is more time freedom which equates to a better quality of life for families. There is more financial freedom because the only limit is limits you set on yourself. And finally there is the freedom to take your business in whichever direction you prefer.


So can the middle class be saved?


I say yes they can and to accomplish that I have teamed up with a group of home based business entrepreneurs, people just like you, that would gladly share with you how we and many more like us are doing just that, saving the middle class. Just visit my website, and watch the short video titled “Brilliant Compensation.” Tim Sales will introduce you to the concept of a home based business that has low startup costs but unlimited upside potential. When you have completed the video be sure to click on the contact button at the top of the page and I will get back with you right away. We can then discuss exactly what types of businesses are available and see if there is something that will fit your personality.


Oh, and by the way be sure to ask me about a free report that will show you how to evaluate home based business opportunities.


Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI
Pharmacist – Marketing Director

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