This Is Sheer Stupidity!

Experts will debate whether more KIDS should be screened and treated for high cholesterol. 
   New NIH guidelines recommend screening ALL kids between ages 9 to 11…and again between 17 to 21. 
   Advocates say universal screening is needed to identify more kids with dyslipidemia…and spur healthier lifestyle choices. 
   Up to 60% of kids with dyslipidemia are missed if only kids with a family history of dyslipidemia or premature CV disease are screened. 
   But critics worry that it’ll be too tempting to treat high cholesterol with drug therapy. There’s no proof that treating kids prevents future heart disease…or that long-term treatment is safe. 
   Recommend appropriate exercise, diet, and weight. This should be enough for the typical kid with dyslipidemia…those who are overweight with high triglycerides, normal or slightly high LDL, and low HDL. 
   In general, suggest saving meds for kids if a genetic dyslipidemia is suspected…such as those with an LDL over 190 mg/dL. 
   If meds are needed, suggest starting with a low-dose statin. 
   Most statins are approved for kids as young as 10…and pravastatin for as young as 8. Educate teenage girls on statins about contraception if appropriate…because of possible harm to the fetus. 

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI
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