Mineral Supplementation

There are three ways of supplementing with mineral
1 – Elemental Minerals – Elemental minerals are metals. In patients under 40 8-12% of the metalic minerals are absorbed into the body. Over 40 this absorption drops to 3-5%. Lets look at Calcium Lactate for example, 1000mg of Calcium Lactate contains only 140mg of elemental calcium. So if only 10% is absorbed that means on 14mg of calcium is actually absorbed. Many of the essential minerals in their elemental for can actually be toxic to the body.

2 – Chelated Minerals – This is the type that farmers use to feed their livestock. Chelated Minerals have digestive engymes added to increase absorption. This type of mineral has a 40% absorption rate.

3 – Choloidal Minerals – This type of mineral has been designed with a negative (-) charge. The intestinal lining carries a positive (+) charge. Since opposite charges attract each other this tyoe of mineral is 98% absorbed.

The supplement program I like the best comes from Youngevity. I prefer BeyondTangy Tangerine as a foundation to get over 90 of the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your body needs to support and promote better health. This is by far the most you can find in any vitamin supplement. It is in a liquid form that is highly absorbable and containes over 77 plant derived cholodial minerals. Since the minerals are of the cholodial form these are very highly absorbed. It includes high doses of the B vitamins which help support and maintian healthy nerves and micro-blood vessels.

It also contains:

  • Contains 115 fruits and vegetables so you won’t skimp on the good stuff
  • Fights free-radicals with 5X the ORAC value of mangosteen juice
  • No artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
  • Is Glycemic-friendly for diabetics and the sugar conscious
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular, immune and digestive system
  • For more information visit http://TheRx4Health.com

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