3 Triggers to Health Challenges

3 Triggers to Health Challenges 

When we get right down to it there are only 3 things that can be traced to trigger all malfunctions of the body. Everything else is related, everything comes down to:

  • Inflammation
  • Immunity
  • Digestion

There are over 12,000 diseases of the human body and they all have a component, a cause that can be related to one or a combination of all three.

Look closely at your health challenges, no matter what they are all are basically linked to Inflammation and immunity coming in from the digestive system. Many times then affecting blood sugar and adrenal-thyroid issues.

Once we accept that there are over 12,000 plus diseases and they all come from the same basic place; that these fundamental bio-chemical causes are behind every degenerative disease from cancer, heart disease, diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the kidneys, diseases of the lymph system, all the ways we age and most of the ways we die are also connected to inflammation, the immune system and digestion. The evidence is overwhelming.

We can believe this to be true, and there is no compelling evidence to the contrary or we don’t. If we don’t we are just not being rational about it.

Think about this a moment, traditional medicine never looks at the root causes of a problem.

  • We have arthritis pain, they give us an anti-inflammatory drug.
  • We have reflux, they give us acid reducing medications
  • We have “elevated” cholesterol, they give us cholesterol lowering medications
  • We have osteoporosis, they give drugs to stop bone loss
  • We have high blood pressure, they give us a drug to lower your blood pressure. 

What do these treatments have in common?

They all treat a symptom, none of them address the root cause of the condition and eliminate the cause. That’s why you never get off these medications. By not addressing the cause your health deteriorates and you take more and more medications.

So if we look at all these medical conditions and trace them back to their root causes, we can then address ways to improve these conditions.

That is precisely what we were taught in pharmacy school, to decipher the root causes then educate the patient on how to eliminate those root causes.

My mission is to show that there are bio-chemical reasons for these conditions and ways to correct them so we don’t have to be committed to the current medical model of just treating symptoms with ever increasingly dangerous medications that don’t heal or improve anything.

I want everyone to understand that there is a bio-chemical cause; a bio-chemical etiology; a bio-chemical beginning so we can examine our choices in a clear headed manor, free of the “religion” of modern medicine.
There are options, if you dare to explore them. Join me and we will discover them together.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI
+1 (206) 337-7271

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