Just wanted to share this with you. The following information is from a drug called Protopic that is used to treat eczema. The drug suppresses the immune system. Here is the warning from the drug manufacturer:

“Long term safety for this drug is not known at this time. There have been rare reports of cancers (eg skin cancer, lymphoma)in patients using tacrolimus. . . Further studies to determine the long-term safety of this product are ongoing. In the unlikely event that unusual lumps, swollen glands, or growths (especially on the skin) occur, contact your doctor immediately.”

Sounds like something I want to use, how about you? At $350 for 60 grams plus the doctors fees you to can be an unpaid guinea pig!

Did you know eczema is caused by an essential fatty acid and mineral deficiency? Did the MD ever discuss supplementing with essential fatty acids BEFORE writing prescriptions for this drug or any other drug? I have found in my practice that they don’t!

Contact me, I will show you how you can support and promote better health and reduce your need for pharmaceuticals that are dangerous.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

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