Nutrition and Supplementation The Best Way to Better Health. – Post

As a pharmacist I believe nutrition and supplementation is the best way to better health.
The root word of pharmaceuticals comes from the Greek word Pharmakon. In Greek that means two things, medicine and poison.
How appropriate since in modern medicine we treat the body with poisons. What we learned in pharmacy school is how to control these poisons; How to control the poisonous responses of medicines to treat symptoms of diseases and to control them. All drugs have a poisonous response and people are shocked to hear about their side effects.
It turns out that one of the leading causes of death in this country is a result of side effects from pharmaceuticals. It’s the third or fourth leading cause of death in America. There are hundreds of thousands of people each year that die of side effects. Not overdoses but side effects.
Something else many people don’t realize about what pharmacist studied is that we studied nutrition. But we didn’t study nutrition from the standpoint of a dietitian. We didn’t study nutrition from the standpoint of a nutritionist. We studied it as if it were medicines; we studied the medicinal properties of vitamins; we studied the medicinal properties of minerals; we studied the medicinal properties of phytonutriants and antioxidants. That is how these substances act medicinally.
And we studied disease states as nutritional deficiencies. As it turns out most every disease that we suffer from, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, in fact almost all the diseases we suffer from in this country, if we back track them far enough we find a nutritional deficiency at the root.
Even at the point of natural death we don’t die of what it says on the death certificate, we die because some organ system somewhere is not getting fed or is not getting sufficient nutrients to repair itself. We literally die of nutritional deficiencies.
So in pharmacy school I’m studying drugs as poisons; I’m studying nutrients as medicines; I’m studying disease states as nutritional deficiencies. It just made sense for me as a pharmacist to focus on the medicinal properties of nutrients.
So that lead me to nutritional pharmacy, that is using nutrients as medicines. And nutritional pharmacy lead me to Youngevity, a company with some of the finest, highest quality products on the market and a management team dedicated to health, wellness and prosperity.
Youngevity is not typical; in fact we have changed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world over the past decade.  I quickly understood the value of providing a solution reducing the growing number of people impacted by the world’s top 6 health related killers.  Our message has high visibility with a contagious viral impact.  Simply prepare to introduce yourself and shake hands with the world!
If Youngevity was simply a vehicle that helped people live longer, experience a higher quality of life, and increased the likelihood of living disease free, it would be reason enough to take action now. Consider…

  • Being a solution to the world’s greatest health challenges
  • Financial peace
  • Living youthful with longevity
  • Providing hope to the hopeless

This information is powerful and time sensitive.  With the viral nature of our business model you are now part of a “game-changer” in LIFE (Longevity Is Feeding Everyone).
Please take the time to watch these short videos. If you have any trouble opening the links, copy and paste them to your browser.  Contact me if you have any questions.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI
Pharmacist – CEO Abell International Marketing
The Y-Factor
Welcome To The Mineral Story
Dr. Joel Wallach

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