Glutamates and Aspartame – Post

Careful studies have shown that when you combine foods containing glutamates (see my post “Glutamates: what are they ) and aspartame your blood glutamate levels are double what they would be if you at MSG alone.
For example, you eat several foods containing glutamates like corn chips, frozen dinner and soup your glutamate level will rise 20-fold. Now add a diet drink and the glutamate levels rise 40 fold or 4,000 percent. People eat like this all the time, especially younger people.
We know that people who have poor nutrition, chronic diseases, chronic stress, or are exposed to other toxins ( see “The Toxic Truth” ) are much more affected by the glutamates and other excitotoxins in food additives. Some lucky few are born with powerful detoxification and antioxidant systems, which give them much protection.
You must also understand that almost all processed foods contain one or more excitotoxins. Many have three to as many as five. When combined their toxic affects are multiplied. This is very common in soups, frozen dinners and chips.
In a future post we will discuss detoxification and antioxidants.
Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

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