What Are The Good Fats? – Post

What are the good (essential) fats?
Certain fats are defined as ‘essential’ because:

  1. The body cannot make them;
  2. They are required for normal cell, tissue, gland, and organ function, for health, and for life;
  3. They must be provided from outside the body, through food or supplements;
  4. They can come only from fats (hence fat-free diets cannot supply them);
  5. Their absence from the diet will eventually kill;
  6. Deficiency results in progressive deterioration, can lead to death;
  7. Return of essential fatty acids to a deficient diet reverses the symptoms of deficiency and results in a return to health.

Watch for my next post: What Happens When We Don’t Get Enough Good Fats?
Keith Abell, RPh MI

Pharmacist – Senior Executive Marketing Director

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