Glutamate Fact: 100% All Natural Foods – Post

Glutamate Fact: 100% All Natural Foods
Glutamates appear naturally in foods like tomatoes and seaweed. So why are the not a problem?
All of the Glutamates in foods in their un-processed form are bound. That means they are part of larger “molecular compounds” that have to be broken down through the natural digestive process to be used by our bodies. These molecular structures are called oligopeptides and polypeptides.
These are bound in large amino acids, complex proteins. They are absorbed more slowly in the GI tract. Since these large proteins are not a normal component of our blood, once absorbed they are filtered through the liver where it breaks down the amino acids and releases only the amounts of glutamic acid in very low concentrations that the body can deal with naturally.
When these large proteins are “hydrolyzed” during food production, using yeasts or enzymes, they are broken down into “free” or released amino acids. These free amino acids are no longer natural. When these unnatural, free amino acids reach our digestive track they are absorbed and enter the blood stream as glutamic acid. Since glutamic acid is naturally found in the blood it is not filtered by the liver before it reaches vital organs. They reach levels that are 20 to 40 times higher than normal.
The blood brain barrier can’t handle such high levels so we see large amounts of glutamic acid acting on the glutamate receptors of the brain. These receptors are over excited by so much glutamate it’s no wonder we see such high incidence of dementia, brain tumors and other mental conditions today.
Naturally, to protect yourself become wise consumers and avoid these processed foods. Since in all reality it is impossible to avoid these compounds 100% we need to eat high antioxidant and flavonoid rich foods and supplement with all 90 essential nutriients. Visit to get a list of the good foods to consume and bad foods to avoid.  
Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

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