Glutamates: Sudden Infant Death

Glutamates: Sudden Infant Death
In a previous post I showed the link to sudden cardiac death and glutamates. I also showed that soy is one of the foods that naturally has the highest amounts of glutamates and I established how those glutamates are artificially released from the soy bean during food processing.
So what about soy infant formula? 
Well to date no one has looked to see if there is any link to sudden infant death and soy formulas. It would be interesting to see the data. I personally would not use them after looking at what these excitotoxins do to adults. There is a lot of concern about it. There’s concern about the fluoride level, the manganese level, and the glutamate levels in these soy infant formulas.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI     
Pharmacist – Silver Executive    
Essante Organics

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