Aspartame: Silent Killer

Aspartame: Silent Killer

Italian Researchers fed animals Aspartame throughout their life and let them die naturally. They found dramatic and statistically significant increases of lymphoma and leukemia especially primary brain lymphoma.
The G D Searle Co (inventor of aspartame) in their original studies found lymphomas as well as primary brain tumors and multiple organ tumors.

A Spanish study radiolabled the aspartame. They were able to see the aspartame break down into a formaldehyde compound and actually see it attach to cell DNA.
When formaldehyde attaches to DNA it is very difficult to remove. When one single diet cola or something sweetened with Nutra Sweet is consumed today it causes DNA damage that last for long periods. Consume enough over a long enough period of time then enough DNA is damaged to cause mutations ie cancers.

Another compound in the breakdown is aspartic acid. This component provides the acidic environment that makes cancers grow rapidly.

Now couple these facts with the high amounts of glutamates (see my previous post Glutamate Fact: Cancer) found in our diets its no wonder cancer rates are through the roof.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

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