Part 4 of series: FDA Doesn't Regulate Shampoos & Conditioners – Dioxane – Post 27

Part 4 of series: FDA Doesn’t Regulate Shampoos & Conditioners – Dioxane

That is a real shock, isn’t it?  Well, read on for more details….
It really is shocking that the FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetics and personal products, or any other agency for that matter. Even if they did they would spend more time chasing after companies like General Mills for making a TRUE claim that oats lower cholesterol than they would spend going after truly unsafe products. They actually threatened General Mills that they would declare Cheerios an unapproved drug and confiscate all the product in their warehouse if they did not cease making the claims.

Did you know that there are more safety regulations and far more banned chemicals in places like the EU, Canada, Japan, and other health conscious markets than here in the U.S.A. Makes it feel an awful lot like consumers are guinea pigs.

So, what do you need to be aware of in your own products like shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.?  Make use of resources that help you determine what is safe for your health and that of your family.  For example, the following ingredients are just a few of the toxins that can actually make you ill if you use them daily in shampoos and conditioners:

·         Dioxane – This toxic chemical was one of over 200 carcinogens linked to breast cancer in 2007 in the medical journal, Cancer. This link to cancer was reported as early as 1965, yet it is still found in personal care products today – for both adults and children!

In 1985, the FDA requested a voluntary limit of dioxane in products of 10 parts per million, but that hasn’t happened. 

REMEMBER, your skin cannot protect you against these toxins.  It is NOT a barrier to entry as many of the medical patches have proven for years.  And toxins in your shampoo and conditioner could well be MORE toxic than what is in your food.

Keith Abell, RPh MI

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