Readers Digest "Vitamin Scam" – Post 21

I believe that the human body is a healing and regenerating system, designed divinely to regenerate itself on a day by day basis. A recent article in Readers Digest (04/10) titled “Vitamin Scam”  contends that vitamin supplementation should not be a part of a physical health program. If one eats a healthy, varied diet there is no need to take a multivitamin.
That cannot be any further from the truth. There is NO WAY you can possibly eat a healthy and varied diet that contains all the nutrients in their appropriate quantities without overloading on calories today.
The foods today are so corrupted from the ground up that they contain only a fraction of the nutrient values they carried just a few gene4rations ago. Protein concentration, mineral concentrations, vitamin concentrations have all dropped drastically as farm yields have increased. We only treat the fields with nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. These generate huge yields of crops but what about all the other nutrients that are missing from the soil. It only takes a few years for the crops to deplete all these minerals and no-one is replenishing them in the soil. Like I said we only fertilize with three. We have built flood control systems that prevent flooding. This cyclical flooding especially from the spring mountain snow melts also once replenished minerals in the soil by depositing mineral rich soil from the mountains.
Now also factor that in with the fact that we have genetically engineered seeds; added pesticides; built remote food processing plants that require the crops to be harvested before their peak ripeness; modern food processing techniques; chemical preservatives, colors and flavor enhancers. The foods just don’t have the same nutrition content they once had. Add to all this our hurried lifestyles, there is no way we get what we need from our diets
Top this off with the fact that the animal industry discovered years ago that supplementing the herds with well balanced vitamin and mineral formulas in their feeds reduced the incidents of disease among the animals it becomes borderline criminal that the author of the Readers Digest article is making this claim.
A healthy and varied diet MUST be supplemented and supplemented wisely, tailored to the individual needs of each person’s current state of health and wellness.
Pharmacist Keith

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