Dark Chocolate, Health and Weight Loss – Post 9

Recent research has shown that dark chocolate offers some surprisingly favorable health benefits and will improve your health.
A Harvard University study found that eating dark chocolate could prolong a person’s life by roughly one year. Another study by Dundee University found that volunteers who ate dark chocolate cut their risk of developing blood clots by about 75 percent.
What these and other research studies have identified are the flavonoids found in cocoa. Flavonoids are chemicals derived from antioxidant-rich plants that are believed to offer a wide variety of nutritional benefits.
But remember most sources of dark chocolate are high calorie candy bars, and in these instances, the health hazards of being overweight far outweigh the benefits that eating dark chocolate can provide.
You should also know that milk chocolate and white chocolate don’t offer the same health benefits as dark chocolate. So if you enjoy an occasional bite of chocolate along with your usual healthy diet, try to make it dark.

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