Did You Know 100,000 Athletes Between the Ages of 13 and 30 Drop Dead During or After Exercise Each Year? Post 2

  • 30% to 35% of these deaths were do to ruptured aneurysm 
  • 60% of these deaths are do to cardiomyopathies

More Interesting Facts:

  • Reggie Lewis 27 collapsed at playoff with Boston Celtics and diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. He died 3 mo later. 
  • Evander Holyfield was banded from boxing due to cardiomyopathy. His MD began giving selenium after consulting with Dr. Wallach. 7 months later he was cleared to start fighting again and became world champ 
  • Buster Douglas, boxer developed brittle diabetes – chromium and vanadium deficiency.  
  •  62% of all female college gymnasts are anorexic, after doing hair analysis of the patients Dr Wallach saw in his practice in Washington State he determined that they all had a deficiency in zinc. The ones that supplemented with all 90 known essential vitamins and minerals, after few weeks were back to work. The ones that opted for psychiatric counseling for anorexia all died.

Common thread – they all sweat a lot so they all had mineral deficiencies.

“The ever increasing rate and severity of disease, injury and death in exercise buffs and athletes (pre-schoolers, pee-wee league, junior high, high school, college, university, professional and coaches), each isolated and looked at casually would seem to be a stroke of bad luck or a bad throw of the dice – In reality their increased rate of disease, injury and death is a red flag, and a warning that  exercise without supplementation is,  in fact, self-destructive and suicide!” – Dr. Joel D. Wallach

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