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  • Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie

    This week the Campaign for Nutrition Health and Wellness hour returns at a new time going back to the basics that were presented on the original Dead Doctors Don’t Lie audio cassette. You can catch the show live on Monday mornings at 10:30 am Eastern Time. Join Pharmacist Keith Abell and Dr Joel Wallach via…

  • Your Greatest Success is One Step Beyond your Greatest Failure

    Good morning, folks I haven’t done one of these videos in a really long time. I want to expand on something I was listening to on the radio earlier. It was a child psychologist that runs one of the clinics here in Louisville and he was talking about how we coddle our kids and how…

  • Answering Viewers Questions

    In this episode: Voice in the Darkness, Integrity and Questions L1 Vertebrae Fracture Reconstructive Surgery Wound Healing Zinc Warning Dog with Joint Issue Skin Mites Grandkids in Sports Medical Educational Moment Eye Floaty ADHD Child and Dad. Its All About Conversations – Learn More about Pharmacist Keith on his LinkedIn site Learn More…

Dr Joel Wallacn and Pharmacist Keith Abell

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